Discount for course attendees only
Course attendee discount only

The BDT Technique® Is going back to the USA ! Come see us at the Las Vegas institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

For details and bookings go to anaxdent North America.........Beever Las Vegas........

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The Creators of the BDT Technique are coming back to the USA!

anaxdent North America is proud to announce that we're bringing the world-leaders in high-performance polymer implant prosthetics to the US! Head to Chicago a little early this year, and join us February 24th - 25th, 2016 in downtown Chicago with Phil Reddington and Lee Mullins of Leeds, UK for a course that will revolutionize the way you manage your implant cases.

Last BDT Technique® course of 2015 took place this weekend.

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It is with great pleasure that we can announce, that for the purposes of education, seminars & workshops,

and for the protection of all our works included in The BDT Implant Bridge® our trade name and

identity is fully recognised

and protected on the " Principal " register at the USPTO. So The BDT Technique® is now an

Internationally recognised Trademark....both home and abroad !

Discount is for course attendees. only.

Maximise your investment into The BDT Technique® with the VIP course package

​in Leeds, England.

See our latest finished BDT Implant Bridge case.

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BDT Technique® Masterclass goes to Oral Design Athens, Greece. Last few places available !!!

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The BDT Implant Bridge gets its ®.

BDT Technique Ltd today received good news from IPO, to say that The BDT Implant Bridge® is now an officially registered Trademark.


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