To become a certified and official supplier of The BDT Implant Bridge®, you must first understand the concept, which means attending one of our 2 day masterclass courses, and then you must follow that up by having your first successful case fitted or by attending our hands on course, where you will produce your very own BDT Technique® demo model, that you will take home with you.

Once you are familiar with the concept or after this optional extra training, you will become an official team member, with all access included, including Trademark logos, case studies, and our personal support. 

The Certified supplier scheme ensures the protocols of technique are followed accurately and cases are completed in the correct manner using the protocols set out.

The benefits of this scheme, ensure you are part of our team, and you will be linked directly to The BDT Technique Ltd, and as demand grows for The BDT Implant Bridge®, so will your services, as a Certified Supplier.


Lee Mullins RDT

15 Woodcross Fold



LS27 9JW

West Yorkshire


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Beever Dental Technology Ltd

467 Otley Road



West Yorkshire


LS16 7NR

The following Dental Labs & Surgeries are Accredited, Certified and Licensed BDT Technique® & BDT Implant Bridge® partners.

Paragon Dental Studios Inc. 250 South Central Blvd. #105, Jupiter, FL 33458

The Burnout Denture Tooth Technique

​The BDT Technique®

​The BDT Implant Bridge®